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Online browser games Industry — flash & HTML-5, terrible OR Reality!

Posted on: May 17, 2016

Though HTML5 at the present is like a seed for a tree which is omnipresent in the world of Gaming sector, majority developers have insights that tech asset is something which will hold more importance tomorrow rather than today.

However HTML5 can obviously be the forthcoming choice for the game development but it has not made itself ready to replace Virtual reality Application development as the main platform in today's date. Any of the game developers needs to understand and digest the new language in order to be prepared for future, but some are the hindrances that need to be fixed out and overcome before HTML5 takes over as a leading game development platform.

Players First Preference..!

No gamers are interested in downloading a game. We are indulged in approaching to the scenario where players do not need to download same game on multiple platforms, and even do not need to pay out for the same content on the versatile platform. Gamers are always interested to play away games on their favorite device.

As web-based platform HTML, 5 opts to give huge opportunities to developers to thirst their customer's demand. It enables developers creating and releasing games for any type of device & platform whether it is a web app, console based, mobile or any other. What players require is connected smart-phones or the web browsers and that's enough to hit the game actions.

What is HTML 5?

We are aware of the truth that HTML is the coding language for the web interface. However, HTML 5 directly deals with the things like video making and other stuff which were not earlier feasible with HTML language. This language could be standardized in a long journey and can give consistent web Experience throughout all the devices and browsers that make spice alive in the life of users.

A glance in Today's reality..!

The reality is slight different..!

All the yardsticks have single common word i.e. “YET”. HTML 5 is gonna play a huge role in the forthcoming of The INTERNET in gaming sector but currently is out of the race to be in the lead.

At the point, HTML5 is like an add-on with native web development that permits applications to withhold traffic benefit which was not easily possible with the native apps.

However, HTML5 is not platform-independent language/technology which makes hard for the developers for “write once and perform on every device” outline in context to game development. But this newfangled HTML looping is schemed to give cross-platform experience to freshers stepping into the land of game development but still many hindrances are to be faced-off before HTML5 turn out to be the best cross-platform technology and this what makes the work bit challenging.

A fast-Move making Technology

HTML5 is making a booming progress in context with browser compatibility. Yes, HTML5 has not restricted with chrome it is also under smooth working conditions like safari, Opera and others. Animations like Flipping and moving are also possible but works as an independent entity on different platforms. In android, it turns vertical while in I-phone it flips horizontally. Some Intelligent code can indeed solve this minor bug for sure.

As HTML5 is dependent on a web browser, a game cannot be started without an Active INTERNET Connection. Once a game is loaded it can be stored in a cache memory that facilitates us with an option to play a game in offline mode but in cases where a user does not have Active, INTERNET connection would not be able to entertain game.

Also, an Audio related issue which is been discussed these days is the major hindrance found in HTML5 game development. There is no fun in a game that excludes game sounds, and so HTML5 must be able to tackle-off every sound format. Another Issue faced is that sound in HTML5 cannot be softened by the hardware volume keys, but hope that it will be fixed in the upcoming future development.

1000 Devices 1000 Screens

Though Audio is certainly a major issue, managing individual Screen size and pixel is much more difficult.

In today's scenario pixel is not merely a pixel anymore. As a variety of mobile devices has held up its places in telecommunication sector it becomes quite tedious and difficult to support end number of devices with different density and HD pixel.

To overcome this issue dips — Density Independent Pixel were rolled out but with the conversion to the screen pixel again complexity level has raised in designing gaming schema. Earlier we had just “px” but today we need to deal with different resolutions like up, sp, DPS, sip, dpi, and DPS respectively.

User Retention — A phantasm...!

How will people recognize the mobile game? And most importantly, how will they approach the app frequently? In comparison with web and socialite game zone, mobiles are the one that comes across high challenges in this era and HTML5 doesn't make things good. Since HTML5 games are browser-dependent, your game is lost once a browser is lost. At least in iPhone, you have bookmark option but android is out of the scenario. It's like a fantasy for Game developers and users.

HTML5: Still Remains as adventure

HTML5 is still hoped to lead the game development in upcoming future. It still remains as an adventure for game developers and techies to overcome its problem with the solutions that brings it onboard at leading position. Lotus Digital Consultants one of the best App development company is also engaged in game development like AR, VR, HTML, Android ,IOS and much more. Just drop your query and we will assist you. Contact us to make us your game development partner.

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