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An auto parts distributor is launching a new line of dashboard accessories, and the manufacturer is expecting results quickly. Recognizing the need for fast results, the distributor knows it cannot rely on its sales team alone. To get sales moving now, the company believes a targeted PPC campaign is the best way to go — but the question is, which Internet marketing agency can pull it off?

Responsive Websites: The Best-in-Class Chassis for Modern Internet Marketing

Lotus Digital Consultant is an expert in responsive Web design for automotive companies, able to give you a website that adjusts automatically for optimum display on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Today’s Internet users rely on smartphones more and more to find products and research suppliers. Whether you serve the retail or industrial market, a responsive website is critical for generating sales leads and keeping customers happy.

Boost Online Leads with Automotive SEO & PPC Campaigns from Straight North

We’ve been helping companies in the automotive industry generate online sales leads. We know your industry is one of the most competitive in the world. We understand your margins may be razor thin. Our digital marketing campaigns — including SEO, PPC and display advertising — are designed to be efficient, delivering highly qualified leads at a continually lower cost per lead. Our goal is to put you or keep you ahead of the competition — year in and year out.

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