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Manufacturing and Industrial

Industrial & Manufacturing Web Development 7 internet marketing services

Lets have a look at: A food manufacturer needs a fulfillment company to assemble three-packs of canned soup, warehouse them and ship in LTL (less than truckload) quantities to hundreds of locations throughout a 20-state region. The firm’s director of operations turns to Google, and identifies one company that appears high on the page for searches relating to assembly and 3PL. He clicks on the company’s ad, and is taken to a landing page that describes exactly the services he is looking for. He calls to schedule a meeting immediately.

Logistics Company Website Design: Reach & Persuade Prospects on the Move

Like a supply chain, today’s Internet user is constantly on the move. With a responsive website from Straight North, you will deliver the best possible user experience to prospects and customers whether it’s on a desktop monitor, tablet or smartphone. If an operations manager needs an answer on the production line, if a buyer is doing research in a hotel lobby — your website will give them what they need.

SEO, PPC, Display Advertising for Logistics & Supply Chain Companies

You move goods and material along the supply chain. We move potential customers down the path to doing business. Supply chain digital marketing must appeal to a wide range of audiences: to manufacturers and distributors of all kinds, as well as to personnel from the boardroom to the loading dock. With years of experience in the field, we craft SEO, PPC and display advertising campaigns that make your firm visible and relevant to people looking for the services you provide. The result: more sales leads in your pipeline, and better qualified ones.

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