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In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.

-Harold Geneen

Planning is one of the most vital parts of any project that can turn it into an absolute success. But, unfortunately, it is also that part which is, more often than not, underrated. For a path that proves beneficial for your company, it is important for you to associate with the right partner, and have enough experience and expertise. Lotus digital consultants can be that partner, which you can completely trust when it comes to dealing with any expenses or issues since we follow a holistic approach to address the same.

Web & Digital Marketing Consulting- A Must for Us

The size of the project remains of least concern when it comes to consulting. At Lotus, we always include consulting in each project, right from the time when you make a call to us. Our new client representatives hold many years of experience in the fields of digital marketing and web design, which helps in preliminary research when the call is received for the first time from you.

Until and unless, we get to know you completely concerning your needs and demands, we continue to conduct preliminary consulting. Besides, we help identify a path that could be used in our all customized proposals and sent back to you.

Apart from the preliminary consulting, Lotus also offers consulting on individual level as well as for a bigger project.

Larger Website Project Scoping

We have the facility of project scoping for large-scale website projects. By project scoping, we imply detailed documentation related to your site, including its functioning, its appearance, and any further technical requirements or programming. Generally, by larger websites, we refer to the sites with 50 or more number of pages. Such websites need project scoping along with consulting.

It has been years that we are creating project scopes for larger websites. Our professionals hold the potential to create a plan that can be used to bid to other agencies or developers in your region, and reach scopes that can aid in saving funding from various financial institutions and other places.

Web Application Project Scoping

Web apps are online software tools. Cloud “revolution” has made many entrepreneurs change their thinking of real-world problem-solving and shift it to web-based software online to create problem-solving tools.

At Lotus, we have created large-scale applications to cater to various industries such as Construction, Education, Government, Retail, and Non-Profit. We are well aware that planning plays the most important part in the success of any web app, followed by consulting and project scoping.

Once you partner with us, you can rely on us for making your project a success online, and on software and financial level, due to our expertise in digital marketing as well as web design and development.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Most of our client relationships are built upon the digital marketing plan we framed for them. This plan defines the tasks for your company for the next one year, aiming to help you in promoting your business online. We build a digital editorial calendar for all your social accounts and blogs. Also, we allocate money to ads for our complete digital marketing recommendations. Our plan is implemented once extensive meetings are conducted with you as well as your marketing team so that we could ensure that you are well-informed and ready for results.

Other Digital Consulting

Sometimes, our customers simply demand help for a situation a new client is facing. Each of them is not necessary to turn into a web design or hosting client. One can simply have a need for a second opinion on internet marketing, or a question related to code. We are glad to let you know that we offer such assistance as well. We take an hour or so and make sure that your issue is fully addressed before you put the call down. We are committed to clearing any doubts when you find things complex.

At Lotus, we remain open to any such problems and love to resolve them for you.