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Content is the emotional and informational bridge between commerce and consumer.

-Jay Baer

If you own a magazine and want to expand the number of your readers or you want to know how to better cater to a specific group of individuals or a particular category of people, you need help and guidance with regards content marketing — regardless of the industry you cater to.

We, at Lotus Digital Consultants, are geared to assist our clients better cater to their customers. When you employ our services, we ensure that you retain your customers and add more customers. This we ensure by creating valuable and relevant content. We help to enhance and change the consumer behavior and we help our clients to own the media. As a result of our services rendered, instead of the products and services being pitched, we deliver information to the buyer which makes them more intelligent and due to the consistent delivery of information which is valuable to them, they reward our clients with their loyalty and business. We do this through a very systematic strategy.

Our Strategy

Our strategy consists of developing a larger story and focusing on how the audience can be engaged and the content can be used for creating a profitable endeavor.

Our marketing strategy components consist of:

  • Innovation and communication of reasons for content creation. Apart from understanding what the big picture is, we also consider what are the risks and the vision which the organization has.
  • It involves the creation of a plan and the value that this content will have as well as the details with regards the business model. It lists opportunities and areas where there could be roadblocks and how these will be tackled.
  • It consists of the content maps, the engagement cycle and the entire journey of the buyer.
  • It tells the brand story and the messages in addition to ideas that need to be communicated. The strategy also talks of the differentiation that the business has the competitors.
  • It also talks about the plan and channeling of the platforms as well as the processes involved and the objectives for each of the platforms.

Benefits to the Existing & New Customers

Content: As there is more content on the site or in the magazine, the customers will have more opportunities to go to the source of the information. This leads to more conversion of the site and more trust people have in the content which is on the online site. This increases the expertise which is perceived and the authority which people feel the organization or company has on the subject.

Higher Visibility: There are more sales, larger viewership and a larger number of readers as a result of better SEO. Due to this, there is more social traffic which is directed to the site or to the magazine. This, in turn, increases the conversion potential of the site and tactfully the content can be used to convert the readers without even advertising.

Improving Reputation: The reputation of the site or even the magazine improves as a result of the content marketing strategy and a better relationship is created between the reader and the customer. The industry which the site caters to can as a result of good content marketing be made more relatable and approachable. It can provide more insights to the readers.

The end result is that this is an investment which yields great rewards and generates more efficient sales for business owners as well as website owners and anyone regardless of the industry they are in. It helps to position the company as a helpful resource and shows a human side of the company. Thereby it helps to boost engagement with the customer and beat all competition. Most importantly it increases conversions and sales.