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By corporate identity, it means the visual aids that speak for your company. It can be anything from letterheads to business logo to brand name since all these things help people remember and identify a business.

We Do It the Intriguing Way

To create a unique corporate identity, one needs to play with words and symbols. During the designing process, we keep an image of your brand principles and ideas in our mind, and thus, create your desired corporate identity design.

We begin with planning the design, making a strategy, and conducting meetings to leave no room for a lapse and present the best corporate identity solutions to you.

What’s Our Procedure?

First things first. So, we finalize outstanding graphics for your business such as business cards, or logo, at the initial stage. Thereafter, graphic designers with Lotus create the final corporate identity design using their know-how and creative bent.

Though it’s totally up to you, we suggest our customers to keep updating their brand image time and again. In fact, we carry out this task of advancing the visual aid of your company through better typography, logo, design, and color palette.

What Makes us Unique?

  • Our streamlined process that includes building identity, environment, marketing communications, and product branding
  • Proper packaging to ensure brand efficacy
  • Designs that clearly send out your company’s message