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Why is Ember.js Central?

This open source JavaScript application tool functions in conformance with the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. Developers find it easy to build scalable single-page web applications using Ember.js since they can integrate common idioms along with other best practices into the app framework. Ember’s frontend-first idea for creating apps makes it even easier than we can imagine.

A Brief History

It was believed by the creators of this wonderful platform called Ember.js that URL was treated no more than an afterthought by different JavaScript frameworks. Also, it was actually the URL only, the bookmarking and sharing of which made the web world a unique world. Therefore, they decided to build Ember, which could support this amazing feature dubbed URL.

Our Way of Working

We make our Ember.js services so naive and ingenious that these make space for urban, multi-page, and smooth JavaScript applications, which provide 100% support to URL. In addition, the coding thing is negligible as compared to that employed in other frameworks.

Apart from our effective services, it is our professionals’ dedication and zeal to deliver awesome work in terms of web apps that is allowing Lotus to stand ahead of the curve. We have been, due to this reason, able to extend only valuable and rewarding products to our customers.

Why Us?

  • Large web apps to compete with native apps
  • Thorough testing before delivery
  • Excellent mobile compatibility