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A Landing Page — A Must for Increased Leads

When a business decides to spend on SEO and PPC aiming at its digital marketing, it is a must that it gets a landing page designed for it, which focuses on particular ad links. Though, landing pages redirecting users to the website’s home page are common, these report low number of visitor converts. It is essential, therefore, to make a landing page that redirects to a specific page, which could convert visitors into increasing number of leads.

Why is it so? Principally, it is due to the short attention span of users. Everyone, including you and us, want to save time when looking for something. So, if you fail to land your potential users in just the right place of their advantage or interest, you may pave a way for losing your potential customers simply.

What We Do at Lotus?

While a landing page design technique does not differ a lot from a standard web page, the major difference arises when we need to ensure that visitors get prompted to take immediate action when they reach the landing page. The action may be anything from filling a form to calling the company to clicking on a button. Thus, we work on providing a great user experience, for which we implement exceptional design ideas.

The first aspect that we take care of is the header. We make sure that the header is appealing enough to keep your visitors intact on the page. Thereafter, our professionals focus on personalizing the page as per the history and demographics of visitors.

Why are We Different?

  • Visually appealing landing pages
  • Highly interactive and user-friendly design
  • Easy navigation
  • Promising landing pages to convert visitors into leads
Landing Page Design