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What Makes Node.js a Good Choice for App Development?

Node.js forms by assembling Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, a core library- written majorly in JavaScript, and the lib up platform abstraction layer. Principally, this open source platform aims at using event-driven, non-blocking I/O, which could help it remain light in weight and yet, resourceful, regardless of data-intensive real-time applications, which function on different devices.

Usually, a web application reports a response time equivalent to the total time all database queries take to complete. Node.js, however, makes it possible to execute every query at the same time. Therefore, it significantly cuts the response time, bringing it down to the time taken by a single, slowest query to execute.

What We Do?

We, at Lotus, promise least overhead on one process owing to our outstanding node.js services that hold the potential to manage thousands of parallel connections. Our services reflect on your web applications, which are real-time and use push technology instead of web sockets.

Why Us?

  • Scalable apps
  • Apps that adapt to different devices
  • Designs with features that benefit you